My discoveries include Steamboy and Zatoichi.

Among my all-times favourites are Wings of Desire, Orphée and Hana-Bi.

I’m also interested in cinema settings.


Among my favourite authors are William Gibson, David Brin, John Irving…, and the list of books I’ve recently read is available.

Royal de Luxe

I saw a Royal de Luxe show in 1995, it was the Peplum, in odorama, with Cleopatra’s milk bath and a piano catapult, and loved it. They are a company from Nantes. In 2005, for the Jules Verne year, they created The sultan’s elephant & the little giantess, it is a magical giant puppet and machines show.


  • Some of the egyptian and assyrian art on display at the Louvre museum.
  • The sculptures and park of the Rodin museum.
  • The shipyard where the frigate Hermione is being reconstructed.


I’ve spent 20 years refusing to move, hating sport lessons and teachers.

Dive!And then I took dance lessons. Lots of them. The kind of thing that changes you a lot. Thanks to my teachers with whom I made huge progress (Brigitte Rizzo, Nathalie Gardant, Wayne Barbaste), and to the training classes teachers who left me with fantastic memories (Patrice Valero, Bruno Vandelli, Miguel Lopez, Bruce Taylor, Lola Keraly and many others…).

I still practice stretching and yoga.

After dancing, it was the water that lured me, I started swimming a little, and I discovered apnea (freediving) recently, it is captivating, I’ve also started monofin swimming, it’s delicious. While I was gliding at the bottom of the pool, I got the idea for the Dive! graphic theme of this site.

I also cycle to get around in the city, and have been car-free for a few years.


Sentences gathered in books or web sites, they can be philosophic or nerdy.


My favourite restaurants.

Pillow book

Like in the Japanese pillow books, haikus describing a moment:

Links to my favourite sites.