Brittany is surrounded on 3 sides and so deeply linked to the sea, its coastline alternates between rock and sand. Inland, there are numerous megalithic and catholic monuments. With its ever changing weather and sky, landscapes vary from day to day and even hour to hour. It is a land of sailors and fishermen, of farmers, and now… of high tech telecommunication industry.

Saint-MaloEmerald Coast

The Emerald Coast page, in Ille-et-Vilaine: photos of Dinard and Saint-Malo, of the Cutty Sark race ships and the Renard.

Granite BearPink granite coast

Northwest of Brittany, in Côtes-d’Armor, the pink granite coast is named after the colour of the rock it sits on.

SunsetNorthern Finistère

Northern Finistère includes the Abers coast and the Morlaix bay.


The city of Brest and its surroundings, at the western tip of Brittany, in Finistère.

Iroise islandsIroise islands

The islands in the Iroise sea, offshore western Brittany.

The Tas de PoisCrozon peninsula

South of Brest, the Crozon peninsula is a big peninsula with 3 ragged heads.

La Martyre caryatidPlougastel peninsula

In the Plougastel peninsula, a mysterious caryatid in the La Martyre paris close.

WavesSouthern Finistère

The southern part of Finistère is facing storms coming from the southwest.

Sunrise on Lola of SkagenSailing aboard Lola of Skagen

Photos of sailing trips aboard an old gaffer called Lola of Skagen.

Sunset Morbihan

In Morbihan, a sunset over a superb landscape.

Boëdic islandMab er guip sinagotTrois frères sinagotSinagots are traditional boats from the Morbihan gulf. We were lucky to be able to sail aboard two of them among the islands of the gulf.

Le Palais in Belle-ÎleBelle-Île-en-Mer

Photos taken while staying on Belle-Île-en-Mer, the biggest island off the coasts of Brittany.


Sunset in Port-Tudy harbourRusty crane in Port-LayPort-Lay harbourGroix island On Groix island, I discovered the tiny Port-Lay harbour with its rusty crane, and the main harbour of the island called Port-Tudy.


Houat islandRound-headed leekHouat island I also discovered Houat island, its superb vegetation superbe and its lovely landscapes enhanced by a contrasted light.

Saltworks Saltworks

South of Brittany, in Loire–Atlantique, the saltworks around Guérande make a very beautiful landscape.

A big expanse of water at tide level is cut into plots used to produce salt or left fallow.

Port Dinan

Between Rennes and Saint-Malo, but in Côtes-d’Armor, Dinan is a medieval city on a high ground. Here it is in late afternoon on a winter day. It consists in a harbour on the river Rance and in a walled city that overlooks the harbour. Down at the harbour, an old stone bridge crosses the river, above, a viaduct does the same.

Jerzual gate The big level difference between the two parts of the city make the rue du port, the link between the two, very steep. It crosses the city walls through the Jerzual gate. Along the street, the facades feature sculpted wood elements.

Light from stained glassTour de l’Horloge Inside the walls, the setting sun colours the buildings. In the church, light coming through stained glass windows shines on the stone floor.