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Brittany photos:

Emerald Coast

The Emerald Coast, emerald blue water around Saint-Malo, a walled city, seen from the sea.
The mouth of the river Rance, shaped by tides.

Saint-Malo by day, a panorama of the walled city, the two Bés under the clouds or a blue sky, the fort National (1 - 2), a sailboat meeting a freighter. The harbour beacon.
The Rochebonne beach on a winter day: (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5).

Saint-Malo by night (1 - 2), its harbour and an old sailboat (1 - 2).

The Renard corsair ship, without then with its sails (1 - 2 - 3).

A night shot of the Cutty Sark ships, a ship bow, another at sunset, a figurehead, a gleaming deck and wooden pulleys.

Dinard and its villas.

Fort La Latte, a 14th century castle, its courts, its walls, the blue-green water and Cape Fréhel.

Pink Granite Coast

The Pink Granite Coast, granite blocks (one just balanced, one looking like a bear) in Ploumanac’h, the Saint Guirec beach, the harbour channel, the shore footpath and the Men ruz lighthouse.

Perros–Guirec harbour at sunrise (1 - 2 - 3), under the clouds and with a white sun ray, fish in the harbour.
A mauve sunrise (1 - 2), another one changing as time passes (1 - 2 - 3 - 4).
The harbour before sunrise, and coloured pink afterwards.

Clear water through foliage, a moored ship, a drownedstaircase, the Trestraou beach, rocky points (1 - 2), a granite block, a hazy horizon.

A panorama of the Sept-Îles, the two main islands, a pine tree in the foreground. The Sept-Îles archipelago seen from the shore. A trip to the archipelago, its gannet colony, its atlantic puffins, european shags and grey seals, and Jentilez (Monks) island. The Sept-Îles basked in sunlight.

In Trébeurden, the Milliau island, pink clouds and the Castel cape at dusk. The beach and holes of clear water, colourful buoy flags. A rock like a moai in Trébeurden, piles of round stones in Île-Grande.

Northern Finistère

Penfoul cove. Argenton rocks after a storm (1 - 2).

From Aber Wrac’h to Brest: arrival in Aber Wrac’h under a thunderstorm, the sun comes back in the aber. Sailing with François Monique heading back to Brest, stopping in Camaret.

Aber Wrac’h Two panoramas of Aber Wrac’h, one during the day, the other at sunset. A mooring at sunset, an abandoned passenger boat and two abandoned fishing boats, the Île Vierge lighthouse (1 - 2), the lighthouse lit-up, the islands of the Aber, Wrac’h island during a king tide, the La Malouine and La Pendante rocks and the cormorants that roost on them, a sail in front of the sun, then overtaking it. Another sunset with pink fog. Still another sunset, with orange masts, the reflection of the setting sunlight, and boats coming back to the harbour. Other boats moored inland at sunset. An old gaffer. A patch of fog at sunset. The Tromenec chapel.

Aber Benoît The mouth of the aber, the aber going inland, sailing in the aber.

PlouguerneauSmooth stones in a cove, and piles of rocks splashed by the waves. In Lilia, the Île Vierge lighthouse, big boulders on the coastal track.

Guissény, Kerlouan & Brignogan The Curnic pond, its reed beds and plumes shining in the sun.
In the Tressény bay, a breakwater, its worn out wood, and shellfish. A calvary in the fog, a shelduck and a little egret, traces on the sand. A sunset over the river Quillimadec.
Waves, common shelducks and eurasian curlew in Brignogan beach.

Batz islandBatz island, its coves and horses by the sea.
Close to Batz, the Santec state forest and Dossen beach & dunes.

Great cairn of Barnenez The great cairn of Barnenez, a pile of stones, a megalithic burial place, with funerary chambers inside.


Brest harbourBrest, La Recouvrance sailing in the harbour, Brest town hall, Recouvrance bridge, the blue-green water of the harbour, the sun rays coming through clouds. The northern part of the harbour and the Iroise bridge. The southern part and the Aulne river. A sunset over the harbour. The harbour in the mist & old gaffers.

Crossing the harbour on a misty morning: from the trade harbour, meeting the barquentine Pogoria, going along le Goulet, looking back towards Brest. The sloop François-Monique sailing to Tinduff harbour, then during an old gaffers regatta.

The trade harbour, the hull of a sailboat next to the cranes, the tall ship Fryderyk Chopin, the pilot cutter Marie-Fernand, the Abeille Flandre tugboat (1 - 2 - 3 - 4), the Abeille Bourbon tugboat, a decoration on the hull of the Chient Vert sailboat, cranes in the harbour, a foreign boat.

Château marina Russian frigate Shtandart.

ShipsLa Recouvrance: rigging, sails, ropes, pulleys, the view from the ship, and water along its rail. On another trip: its figurehead, Notre-Dame de Rumengol, the Pointe Saint-Mathieu.
Bergère de Domrémy: sailing in the trade harbour, under the Albert–Louppe bridge, to Camaret and in the harbour with La Recouvrance. Restoration of the mast. Day trip to Camaret: in the Goulet, in Camaret, getting back running downwind. To Landerneau and back again : up the Élorn river, down the Élorn river at sunrise (1 - 2). Sailing around Trébéron and Île des Morts islands. Meeting other boats, like La Mouette. Maintenance of the boat: painting pulleys, careening starboard and port sides. Bergère de Domrémy in Plougastel. Bergère de Domrémy with the Sailing Tour de France boats. Bergère de Domrémy coming back at sunset, sailing in the Goulet with Saint Guénolé, entering the trade harbour at sunset.
Notre-Dame de Rumengol: Portzic lighthouse seen from Notre-Dame de Rumengol. Careening the boat: day 1, day 2. A day out sailing: leaving Brest harbour, sailing around Armorique head. Going up the Aulne river: sailing in the harbour, going through Landévennec, under the Terenez bridge.
Sailing along Le Four lighthouse and Portsall rocks.
Saint-Guénolé: the ship and its sails.
Seagull: sailing in Brest harbour.

Brest 2008La Recouvrance, various ships—1, the Corentin, various ships—2 including the Tara. The Kruzenshtern, Mircea, Cisne Branco, Le Renard, Earl of Pembroke, Kaskelot, Anna Rogde, Lotos, Tecla, Freedom, Abel Tasman, Catherina, Étoile Molène, Pen Duick, various (small) ships—3, Jacob Meindert - Pedro Doncke, La Cancalaise, Viola, Vietnamese boats, ensemble views, Saint-Guénolé & Ibis, Regina Maris, La Recouvrance (1 - 2), Britair, Foncia & Groupama2, lateen, Petrine & Jantje, Takeru, Swaensborgh, Zuiderzee & Sigandor, Moonbeam III (1 - 2), Lindheim Sunds, Matthew, various ships—4, Cala Milló, Belle Étoile & Charles Marie, jangadas & junks, Constantia, Iris, Hendrika Bartelds, Wytske Eelkje & Zephyr, ensemble views, big boats, Baltic Beauty, yawls, O’abandonado & Tina Husted, Vietnamese boats, various (fishing) boats—5, various boats (6 - 7 - 8 - 9), last images.

Brest 2012 Aboard Marie-Fernand: boat arrivals, Hendrika Bartelds & Lys noir, various ships—1, modern racing ships—1, various ships—2, Pen Duick & Sandeq, Notre-Dame de Rumengol & Dahl Mad, Regina Maris, in the Penfeld river, various ships—3.

Arsenal The arsenal, its portal crane, a sunset outlining silhouettes of ships and cranes, behind the marina, the access forbidden signs, a crane and the sun.

Maison Blanche A panorama, a view of the harbour, the mooring at sunset.

Le Goulet A panorama, the cliffs, the forts, seen from a German bunker, from the Belvédère (1 - 2 - 3) or seen from the harbour. The Portzic lighthouse: with the the Queen Mary 2, dans le brouillard. The Cormorandière rock. The coastal track leading to the Sainte-Anne duPortzic cove in the mist or under winter clouds. The outlook towards the Toulinguet head, a pilot boat guiding a freighter. The entrance of the Goulet on the sea side, with the Petit Minou lighthouse (1 - 2 - 3) and beach and its waves. A linear cloud above the Goulet.
The Bertheaume cove: the Dalbosc cove, a cruise ship seen from the beach. Trégana beach, its waves, unfurling, splashing on rocks and glistening in the sun. The Amerigo Vespucci sailboat, a veil of fog, the Bertheaume fort.
The pointe Saint-Mathieu, its lighthouse and ruined abbey. The Corsen cape: its sand cove, granite rocks, the coast towards the north, a sunset.
The Kerloas menhir.

Iroise islands

QuéménèsBoat trip, arrival in Quéménès, landscapes of the island, ships gathering seaweed. Flotsam, flowers and stones on the shore. Sunset.

Molène Coasts of the island, outlook on Ouessant (Ushant) island, life in tidepools, a flock of swallows (1 - 2). Sailing in Molène archipelago.

Iroise sea lighthouses Sunset in Le Conquet, sailing from Le Conquet to Les Pierres Noires. Les Pierres Noires lighthouse, sky reflected on water. La Jument lighthouse on a blue sky or grey sky backdrop, Nividic lighthouse, Créac’h lighthouse, Kéréon lighthouse and Le Four lighthouse.

La Jument lighthouse after storms.

Crozon peninsula

Roscanvel peninsula The cranes of the harbour of Brest, the quarantine islands, the misty harbour.
The Espagnols head, the Cormorandière rock, the Espagnols head fort, the view from the Espagnols head (1 - 2).
The Cornouaille head, the creased cliffs, the bunkers and the constructions.
The Cornouaille fort seen from the land and from the sea.
The Capucins fort, its bridge above clear water, its crumbling buildings, rusty metal, a tunnel, the rock and its bunkers seen from the sea, a neighbouring rock and its outlook on the Camaret bay.
The creased cliffs, the Fraternité fort seen from the land and from the sea. The old gaffer Belle-Étoile. The Pen Hir head and the Tas de Pois (seen from the land and from the sea).

South of the Crozon peninsulaThe Dinan castle, its rock bridge going over water, its swirling waves and its views. The Lostmarc’h head (1 - 2 - 3), its oppidum and its megalithic alignment (1 - 2 - 3). The St Hernot head and its clear water (1 - 2). On the Postolonnec beach, creased rock, a smooth stone, a beached object, in fact a huge engine and a rudder from a wrecked trawler.

Southern Finistère

In Douarnenez, shallow water and Tristan island.

Kerity harbour, the Eckmühl lighthouse (1 - 2 - 3) and the view from the top of the lighthouse (1 - 2 - 3 - 4).
In Saint–Guénolé, granite blocks beaten by waves (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6), a calvary.
The pointe de la Torche, its kites and waves.
A lone fisherman, the reflection of a trawler and a rusty trawler door.
The mouth of river Odet and a sand beach in Glénan islands.
The old stones of a fountain in Locronan.

Pont-Aven, the picturesque city of the impressionists, crossed by a river.

Sailing aboard Lola of Skagen

From Belle-Île-en-Mer to Douarnenez Day 2: arrival in Belle-Île-en-Mer.
Day 3: Belle-Île-en-Mer coast, young northern gannets.
Day 4: Groix island and Glénan islands.
Day 5: sunrise, squalls, Pen Duick III, Raz de Sein, Camaret.
Day 6: leaving Camaret, going through Tas de Pois rocks and around Chèvre cape. Arrival in Douarnenez.
Day 7: steam tugboat St Denys, steam-powered boats, sailing in Douarnenez bay.
Day 8: the bisquines La Cancalaise and La Granvillaise.
Day 9: the coast of the Crozon peninsula and back to Port-Rhu.

Around Brittany Starting in Lorient.
Day 1: along the Glénan islands.
Day 2: Lesconil at sunrise, common dolphins (1 - 2), Sein island under clouds, Sein island lighthouse.
Day 3: Sein island in the fog, walking around the island, leaving for Aber Wrac’h.
Day 5: Batz island lighthouse, cycling around the island, swan, ducks and coots and a sunset.
Day 6: along the Sept-Îles, the mouth of the Tréguier river and its sunset.
Day 7: a common chiffchaff, arrival in Jersey.
Day 8: Saint Helier harbour, Elizabeth castle and Saint Aubin’s bay.
Day 9: Grand Jardin lighthouse, Saint-Servan & Dinard, and arrival in Saint-Malo.

Plougastel peninsula

La Martyre caryatid.


A sunset. Sinagots Les Trois Frères & Mab Er Guip in the Morbihan gulf.


Belle-Île-en-Mer, the ferry leaving Le Palais harbour by night. The Sauzon harbour, its lighthouse and clear water reflections.

The coastline: rocks and waves, a sheltered creek, cliffs, transparent water carving the rock, the blue-green sea and a beach behind rocks.

Inland: the Vauban gate, the Goulphar lighthouse, panoramas taken from the lighthouse (1 - 2 - 3), the cylindrical hollow inside the lighthouse.
A shady path with a view of the countryside, and a glimpse of the sea.


In Groix island, Port-Lay harbour and its rusty crane, Port-Tudy.


Houat island, its vegetation and the evening light.


The saltworks around Guérande, tended or left fallow.


Dinan harbour, seen from the city walls, its old stone bridge and its viaduct. The very steep rue du port and the Jerzual gate. The sculpted wood elements of the facades. Two buildings lit by the setting sun, light from stained glasses on the floor of the church.

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