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Nature photos:


Tree bark, a little tree sucker, sun rays through poplars, more sun rays, green leaves rimmed with white, a Romanesco cauliflower.
The Ardennes wood (1 - 2 - 3 - 4), white flowers.
The first buds against the blue sky, a blanket of fog. Teasels on the sea shore, lagurus ovatus in the sun, a vegetal wall. Montjuïc hill gardens and palm tree. An unwinding fern. An orange lichen. A red mushroom. Worm tracks on a tree trunk. Spring grass in the sun. Shrubs and a pink rose caught by the frost. A maze-like slice of red cabbage. Tree fern fronds unrolling. A blooming tree. Hop in bloom. Snow on the flowering apple tree and in the garden. Intertwined tree trunks. A spiny cupule. Thistle washed up on the beach and a mushroom by the sea. Frosty leaves and flowers, frost turning into dew drops. Leaves in light & wind.

Misty morning roses.
Apple tree buds and flowers, and their pollen tree. White flowers in a tree, quince tree bloom. Primroses, heather, dandelion seeds, flowering rosemary, narcissus, gorse, berberis, pink flowers (1 - 2), a daffodil, apple tree buds and flowers, small white flowers, bud, muscari, star magnolia, a wild carrot unfolding, star-shaped flowers, a succulent with flower, a blooming rose and another one after the rain.
Spring flowers: currant, pear tree, flower carpet and daffodils.
A flowering echeveria, with small plants growing and a detail of the flowers. A pink rose, small pink flowers, echeverias and polygala in bloom.
On the cliffs, a teasel, a centaurea jacea, a sheep’s bit. Two other teasels, quaking grass, a nightshade flower, a blue flower and pink flowers.
In a garden, fuchsia, gaura, autumn sage and chrysanthemum flowers.
Flowers under a late spring snow. Flowers on the cliffs (1 - 2). Blue hydrangeas. A bee on a pink echinacea flower, a red flower. Houseleek in bloom. Sea holly buds. A carpet of blue and yellow flowers, white flowers and small flies. Pink chives flowers, a red rose and mauve clematis in a garden. Red carnations, yellow chrysanthemums, a gatekeeper butterfly on hydrangeas, a yellow rose, pink flowers. A pink and mauve bromeliad. Summer roses and flowers. Raindrops on plants, on flowers and on roses. In spring, azaleas and other plants in full bloom. Ornamental thistle flowers in a park.


Two mallard ducks and ducklings. A swan, inquisitive, spreading its wings. Fluffy chicken, a seagull, a cormorant, a european shag. A black-headed gull and footprints in the sand. A grey heron. A meadow pipit. A robin. A herring gull in flight and a close-up of another one, a gentoo penguin. A european shag (1 - 2 - 3). A tern, a herring gull turning its back, a young great black-backed gull, two adult great black-backed gulls, some sanderlings, looking for food, with turnstones and an egret. The waders at high tide and the sanderlings in flight. Young swallows at feeding time. Two numbered parrots. Two seagulls seen from underwater. Two common moorhen chicks on a branch. An egret among green seaweed, red-billed choughs on a cliff. A parisian sparrow. A blue tit on a grease ball. Brent geese in shallow water. Waders, ducks and a goose on a pond. Two common terns on a buoy. A spotted flycatcher and swallows. Sandwich terns on a buoy. Waders foraging on the edge of water.

At the manger: blue tits (1 - 2 - 3), a robin, greenfinches and sparrows, a starling and a sparrow.


A black cat, a red panda, two yin-yang cats, common seals (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7). Dolphins (1 - 2), a grey seal, a grey squirrel, a rectangular cat. A fox kit exploring a garden.

Fish & sea creatures

Goldfishes: white and yellow, red, white and black. In Océanopolis: gilt heads, a john dory, a sea robin, bullhead sharks (1 - 2), a red lionfish, tropical fish, a porcupine fish and a burrfish. Tropical rays, banggai cardinalfish. Sand eels and seahorses.

Saupes. In a tide pool, a young fish, sea anemones, hermit crabs, a shore crab and another sea anemone. A juvenile flatfish. A rock and shrimp, a goby and a sea anemone.

Insects & arthropods

A spider silhouette, a ladybird and a camouflaged insect. A bumblebee, honeybees and other insects. Butterflies: peacock butterfly and small tortoiseshell, red admiral, a swallowtail, a cabbage white, a brimstone and a tiger moth, a hummingbird hawk-moth. An unidentified buzzing insect, a green caterpillar. European garden spiders, one hunting, the other waiting.

A dragonfly. A gatekeeper butterfly (1 - 2 - 3). A bumblebee on a broom flower, a speckled wood butterfly and a peacock butterfly caterpillar. A southern hawker dragonfly. A vagrant darter dragonfly. A black, red and white caterpillar. A crab spider and its prey. A bloody-nosed beetle. A common brimstone butterfly. An insect on a window pane. An old world swallowtail in the grass. A damselfly on a leaf. An insect with fluffy antennas on a window pane.

An orange tip butterfly on pink flowers.

Reptiles & molluscs

A small lizard and a green lizard. Lizards hiding in the grass.
Snails on a wooden post. Another green lizard.


A sand dune topped with vegetation, the sand ripples underlined by the sun.


Jura in winter:
The wooden chalets of the resort, a very clear day, fields and forests, the colour of the trees, blue shadows on the snow, snow flakes glittering, snow texture.

A snow-covered grid and the trace of a bird.

Unspoilt snow on a path under the trees, between snow-laden firs. Snow piled up on branches and on vertical logs.

Firs under snow, their branches looking like fingers, a snow flower and sculpted branches.

The forest in black and white, a small snowy Christmas tree, a few dots of colour.

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