Tree suckerTree bark Vegetation

A close-up on tree bark, and a little tree sucker fighting against asphalt.

RaysRays The adult poplars in the same street cut the morning light into rays. Not far away, the sun rays cut through dense vegetation.

RomanescoGreen leaves Green leaves rimmed with white, and the puzzling Romanesco cauliflower.

Mossy tree trunkRiverArdennes woodArdennes wood In the Ardennes wood, you can follow paths, discover a river, mossy tree trunks and white flowers.

FogBudBud Hint of spring as tender buds appear on trees, against the blue sky.
At the end of summer, a carpet of fog in a field.

Vegetal wallLagureTeasel A teasel on the sea shore, and lagurus ovatus in the sun. The vegetal wall of the Quay Branly museum.

Palm treeMontjuïc garden The gardens of Montjuïc hill and one of their palm trees.

Worm tracksMushroomLichenFern A fern unfolding. An orange lichen on a rock. A small red mushroom. Worm tracks on a trunk.

Red cabbageFrozen roseFrozen shrubGrassSpring grass in the sun. Shrubs and a pink rose caught by the frost. A maze-like slice of red cabbage.

HopBlooming treeTree fernTree fern fronds unrolling in spring. A tree blooming close to a church. Hop in bloom.

Spiny cupuleIntertwined tree trunksSnow on bushesFlowering apple tree under snowThe snow falls on ornamental apple tree fruits and on bushes. Intertwined tree trunks. A spiny cupule with seeds inside.

Mushroom by the seaThistle on the sandThistle washed up on the beach and a mushroom by the sea.

Dew dropsFrosty flowersFrosty leavesA frosty morning: leaves and flowers with frosty hems, the frost turns into dew drops.

Morning roses Flowers

One of my first photos, roses on a misty morning background.

Pollen treeApple blossomApple blossom Apple shrub tree blossom in the garden, from buds to flowers, helped by a pollinator tree. White flowers in a standard tree.

HeatherPrimroseQuince tree Nearby, the quince tree is also blooming. The wild primroses and the heather are also blooming.

NarcissusRosemaryDandelionThe seeds of the dandelion are ready to fly away, and the rosemary has little mauve flowers. Narcissus flowers are among the first to bloom.

BerberisGorseGorse display flowers almost all the time. Berberis also keep their orange flowers at the end of winter.

Apple treeDaffodilPink flowersPink flowers In the garden of a restaurant at the end of spring, pink flowers lit from behind or in full light, a daffodil, apple tree flowers.

MagnoliaMuscariBudWhite flowers In another garden, a shrub with very small white flowers, a bud with its first leaves, muscari flowers, and a blooming star magnolia.

Fleurs rosesUnfolding Later in summer, wild carrots are unfolding, very small pink flowers bloom on the rocks of the cliffs.

Yellow rose after the rainYellow roseSucculent A Haworthia succulent with flowers, and a yellow rose blooming, even after the rain.

DaffodilSpringtime hedgePear tree flowerFlowering currant Early, sunny and warm spring: a flowering currant, a pear tree flower, spring carpet of flowers and daffodils.

Pink roseEcheveria flowerSmall echeveriaFlowering echeveria An echeveria succulent flowering and spawning young plants, with a detail of the flowers. A pink rose.

PolygalaEcheveriaPink coastal flowersLittle pink flowers lining coastal dunes and rocks. Another variety of echeveria in bloom. A flower of the polygala family.

Sheep’s bitCentaureaTeasel On the cliffs of the Roscanvel, another teasel, a centaurea jacea visited by a bee and a sheep’s bit.

NightshadeQuaking grassTeaselOne more teasel on the sea shore. Quaking grass, a nice grass in the sunset light, and close by, the very small mauve and yellow flower of the nightshade.

GauraFuschiaPink flowersMauve flowersAnother mauve flower. Small pink flowers. Pink and red fuchsias. A delicate gaura flower.

HydrangeaHeatherChrysanthemumSageA two coloured decorative sage. Pink chrysanthemum flowers. Primroses, heather and hydrangeas under a late spring snow.

Blue hydrangeaFleurs des falaisesFleurs des falaisesIn summer, various flowers line the rocky cliffs. Blue hydrangeas among backlit leaves.

Sea hollyHouseleekRed flowerPink flower and beeA bee on a pink echinacea flower and a red flower. Houseleek in bloom. Sea holly buds on a beach.

ChivesFlowers and fliesBluebells A carpet of bluebells and yellow flowers. White flowers attract small flies. The pink flowers of chives.

ChrysanthemumCarnationClematisRed roseA red rose and a mauve clematis on a lattice. Red carnations and yellow chrysanthemums.

Pink and mauve flowerPink flowersYelow roseMeadow brown on hydrangeasA meadow brown butterfly on hydrangeas. A yellow rose and pink flowers. A weird pink and mauve flower.

Raindrops on rosesRaindrops on flowersRaindrops on houseleekSummer flowersSummer roses In summer, roses, flowers and fruit bloom. Raindrops linger on houseleek, on flowers and on roses.

Ornamental thistleFlowers in bloomAzaleas in bloom In spring, azaleas and other flowers are in full bloom. In summer, I found ornamental thistle flowers in a park.